The South Carolina House Democratic Caucus Priorities represent issues the Caucus believes should be priorities of the state, and items lawmakers in Columbia should begin to resolve.

The issues listed do not represent all of the issues important to the Caucus. The list does provide an overview of what the Caucus views as important to the people of South Carolina.

Caucus Priorities
    • Continue to increase Base-Student-Cost to restore funding cuts as a result of the economic downturn
    • Expand healthcare options for SC residents
    • Address state’s infrastructure and transportation needs (roads, bridges)
    • Increase funding for local government entities
    • Maintain current approval process for state assessments and standards for K-12 education (i.e. against anti-Common Core legislation, against Joint Resolution required to approve state assessments and standards)
    • Reform public education funding expansion
    • Identifying and addressing School Safety issues
    • Provide Charter School District funding for facilities
    • Fund, support and promote SC Technical College System
    • Limit the rising cost of college tuition to state supported college systems
    • Diversify the members serving on state colleges and universities boards of  trustee
    • Provide more “need base” options for potential SC students with the interest of attending SC colleges and universities
    • Re-implement the Certificate-of-Need Program
    • Medicaid Expansion
    • Expand healthcare options for rural and disadvantaged communities
    • Establish a state minimum wage standard
    • Immigration Reform (SC DREAM Act)
    • Employee Non-Discrimination Act
    • Increase alternative and clean energy options for SC residents and businesses
    • Adequately fund DNR and DHEC to monitor and manage the state’s natural